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A deposition is an oral, out-of-court witness testimony. The use of legal videography has become an important tool in the legal process, particularly in depositions. Videography allows for accurate recording of the witness testimonies to be viewed and used at later dates.

When selecting a videographer to film a deposition, it is important that the videographer is professional, has a CLVS certificate, and takes pride in his or her work—so that your video is of the highest visual and audio quality—but is also impartial, just as a court reporter would be. There are many benefits to using videography as part of the deposition process.

Benefit #1: Testimony Preservation

One of the first reasons attorneys used video depositions was to preserve witness testimonies if he or she might be unavailable for trial. For example, if the witness were seriously ill or injured to the point where he or she was not expected to live, or if there was fear that the witness might flee, the witness would still be able to present his or her side of the case at the trial, using the deposition video. Deposition videos are also used for people who cannot make the trial, but still offer valuable testimony, such as doctors with busy schedules.

Benefit #2: Juror Engagement

Video is a far more engaging media tool than written transcripts. Video has been proven to engage and maintain the jurors’ attention. Showing a video also allows the members of the jury to see the witness’ faces, gauge their body language, and hear the inflections in their voices. All of these additional elements of a witness’ testimony can present a more compelling case to the jury.

Benefit #3: Pretrial Preparation

Sometimes attorneys schedule video depositions with a court reporting firm if he or she is unsure about how a witness will come across on the stand. In this case, the attorney can use the deposition video to get an idea of what might happen at the trial and better advise the witness on how to act in court.

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