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ABOUT Deposition interpreterS 

Many of today’s legal actions involve more than the English language. In fact, many depositions are taken of people who do not speak English. However, this can create situations where all parties involved have difficulty understanding and communicating with one another. When such situations happen, accurate and court-certified deposition interpreters are needed. [Read more]


Court stenographers have been an integral part of the courtroom for over two centuries. A court stenographer (also called a court reporter or shorthand reporter) transcribes spoken or recorded speech into official written transcripts. [Read more]


Legal video has become a highly effective tool, and it plays a very important part in the legal process—especially for depositions. Depositions are the out-of-court oral testimonies of witnesses. Since it is important to get an accurate recording of the testimonies, deposition videography has become a common practice. [Read more]


Looking for a conference room for your next deposition? A deposition can be a very sensitive matter. That is why the environment in which it is conducted is a crucial factor to consider. In order to conduct an effective deposition, all participants involved need to feel comfortable. Therefore, a comfortable and private deposition conference room is what you need. [Read more]

A deposition is an oral, out-of-court witness testimony. The use of legal videography has become an important tool in the legal process, particularly in depositions. Videography allows for accurate recording of the witness testimonies to be viewed and used at later dates. [Read more...]

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